Medical Travel SEO Case Study

Dentistry Turkey is owned by a dentist from Istanbul to reach global patients who are looking for better price for high quality dental treatment abroad.

Dentistry Turkey
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  • Project Start
    September 2019
  • Project Ends
Before Globaliser
  • Conversion
  • Traffic
    ~ 1 visitor/month
  • Rankings
    80+ positions for most keywords
After Globaliser
  • Conversion
    First patient came from Norway in 4th month after project start.
  • Rankings
    50+ different keywords on the first page of Google
  • Traffic
    %7000+ traffic increase

Negative SEO Protection

Although rivals are dentists, we saw pretty good amount of negative SEO (rivals trying to lower their rivals' websites' ranking on Google) attempts on this project. Below is the list of spammy websites used for negative seo purposes

Test Live Results on Google Now!

Open your favourite browser and check on Google for the keywords below:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey
  • Prepless Veneers Turkey
  • Hollywood Smile Price Turkey
  • Celebrity Dentist Turkey
Dentist SEO

Medical Travel SEO Rankings

75x Traffic Increase in 5 Months

As of February 2020, the number of keywords that are shown on first page of Google, globally, is 30+ for this project. 5 months 10 days comparison as of February 10th 2020, %7585 traffic increase!

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