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£750.00 /month
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    For Agencies (Design, Digital, Marketing, SEO)
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£1000.00 /month
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    For SME, Brands, Manufacturers, Startups
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Upgrade Your Website's Heart and Brain

Globaliser sites are based on cloud infrastructure and build by a team who is expert on customization, security, and backups.

Load Balancing
[1] Fully Managed
Fully managed websites ensured for high quality, error free sites.
[2] Premium Infrastructure
We don't provide free service, so we spend all of our time and effort to satisfy our paying clients
[3] Security and Backup
Secure system and regular backups

Why Choose Globaliser?

Globaliser has been developed over the last 10 years for different purposes of our multinational clients. Now we would like to welcome SMEs & Startups to have the same power for their websites with affordable pricing.


Nobody likes to wait. Users wants it fast, website owners want it fast, so Globaliser sites are fast. For a reason or two.


Globaliser is not new system, it is developed over 5 years for multinational companies, and know-how is build over years.


We know importance of fast support, and our team is always here when you need emergency help

Which Countries Do You Want To Dominate?

Different targeting scenarios are possible as you can target globally for English or Spanish, you also concentrate on language-country combinations. For example there are millions of Turks living in Europe.

International SEO Targeting Whole World

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